About Us

Our company was founded on the idea of the love of GREAT MUSIC and everyone involved in our organization shares the same love for art and the devotion to producing, promoting, and building the careers of Real Artists with Real Talent  and the Mentality to handle the business.


There are still some artists and tru art lovers out there who have love for an old somewhat forgotten gurl named Hip Hop. Love of her sparked some of the most legendary on wax beefs in history and made the game something sacred and OURS. There are only a few artists taking it back to that old thing we miss so much. Southwest GA, our home, breeds country artists who were raised on that tru East Coast Hip Hop and the emergence of the West Coast, but all the while we were bred on the Miami Bass sound and raw lyrics and ways of living only known to The Dirty. This is why the sound is so Unique and why our time in the game is infinite!




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